Retorno, Jewish International Rehabilitation Center

Amidst the trauma of war, so far RETORNO has helped more than 1000 kids regain their balance.
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Outpatient Services

NEW! Expanded services in English! RETORNO’s outpatient facility, MIFGASHIM, will change your life. Get empowered and work on recovery while maintaining yourdaily routine at home, work, or school. Unlike standard “meetings,” MIFGASHIM provides a comprehensive treatment plan that can help you succeed even if you’ve tried other programs without success. New groups for eating disorders and codependency. Read more

Private Rehab

RETORNO’S PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL REHAB has just relocated to its brand new facility in Panama, combining the most essential aspects of both inpatient and outpatient programs. It is a highly specialized treatment program, tailor-made to every individual. Available in English and Spanish, the program utilizes a varied approach encompassing both traditional and holistic therapies. Subsidies are available for qualified participants. Read more

Jewish Rehab in Israel

Research proves that long-term rehab is the most effective. RETORNO’S INPATIENT TREATMENT CENTER  incorporates the 12 Steps with a holistic treatment program in a serene country setting. Sabbath and Jewish holidays are observed, food is strictly kosher, and daily prayer and Torah classes (not mandatory) create an enriching spiritual environment. Participants in the English program enjoy additional trips and groups. Read more

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

The Road to RecoveryOne of RETORNO’S most powerful treatments is our renowned HORSEBACK RIDING THERAPY program. Through horseback riding, you learn to separate your emotions from the rest of you. You learn not to fear your emotions, but deal with them.

Rehab for Teens

A place to think, a place to growRETORNO’S YOUTH PROGRAM is a full Inpatient Therapeutic Community for teenagers ages 14 to 18. Funded by Israel’s Welfare Department, the program accommodates up to 48 youth, with separate divisions for boys and girls. The program lasts approximately 18 months.

document iconTours, Seminars, Prevention

RETORNO’S TOURS, SEMINARS, and WORKSHOPS combine sightseeing and adventure with an exciting, uplifting, enriching, educational experience. Every program is custom-built according to your needs, combining of any of our activities. Perfect for students, teachers, businesses, and community leaders. Programs available in English and Hebrew. Read more


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12 Step Program Through Horses  It’s Your Move

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Help Online

help iconRetorno’s forum will give you all the answers you need about Rehab, Addictions and Healthy Living. Go to Retorno’s Forum

RETORNO’S ADDICTION treatment programs are based on the successful 12 Steps program. With separate programs for men, women, and youth, RETORNO treats alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, love addiction, pornography addiction, codependency, and food addiction. Established by Rabbi Eitan Eckstein, RETORNO is the largest JEWISH DRUG REHAB PROGRAM in the world. All facilities are strictly kosher, and daily religious services and Torah classes are available, though not mandatory.


Healing Hands, Healing Hearts

Healing Hands, Healing Hearts

Daniel said therapy was just “words, words, words.” How could he get clean from his drug addiction and alcoholism if he wouldn’t even see a therapist? Retorno’s animal assisted therapy program was the key to his recovery.

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Horseback Riding Instructors’ Graduation Trip

Horseback Riding Instructors’ Graduation Trip

Our two-day trip proves it: horseback riding is the best therapy – ever. But we didn’t just get in touch with ourselves, this trip was the culmination of a horseback riding instructor’s course.

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Protective Hug

Protective Hug

PTSD is one of the main causes of addiction. When traumatic events are dealt with quickly, PTSD can be prevented. Right now, With Protective Hug for Protective Edge, Retorno and Camp Keshet are giving kids tools to stop this cycle now.

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